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"The heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of
a wise man is in his heart."
Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard, 1733.

WWWebster Dictionary:


Welcome to the Polymath Society International!

The power of mind conquers all fear and anxiety.

As you move from the slumber of what you need to do everyday, where necessity has imprisoned your thoughts and feelings, past this, to the place of your own consciousness, where you are free to reflect and invent your own ideas, to live in the warmth of imagined friends, or friends as they should be, you have entered the domain of the self, true self-consciousness.

It is still an ideal world, a world out of joint with the coldness beyond, the pettiness beyond. It is a place of concern, a place of freedom to think and to imagine, to learn what you want, in your own way.

You have discovered the realm of the polymath, where only practical concerns can limit your future discovery. You have discovered the passion of the integration of thought and feeling, the poetry of the mind. You develop your taste for the arts, for learning many things. It is not forced learning, as learning can never be forced, but free and conscious discovery.


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