Reproduction of Mary Cassatt's "Boating" by Tom Lacey


Rendition of Mary Cassatt's "Woman Bathing" by Tom Lacey

Where Are You Going?

Reproduction of Gauguin's "Where Are You Going" by Tom Lacey

Two Women

Reproduction of Gauguin's "Two Women" by Tom Lacey

Tall Trees by Tom Lacey

"Tall Trees" by Tom Lacey


Santa Moon by Tom Lacey

Vase of Flowers (after Gauguin) by Tom Lacey

"Vase of Flowers" (after Gauguin) by Tom Lacey

Blue Dancers

Degas: Blue Dancers
Acrylic Reproduction by Tom Lacey 20 x 24, 1997

A Girl Wiping Her Feet

Renoir: A Girl Wiping Her Feet
Acrylic on Canvas Reproduction 16x20 by Tom Lacey, 1997

Looking out over the Great Wall by Tom Lacey

Tom Lacey, 1998: Looking Out From a Great Wall Portal
Acrylic on Canvas

The above paintings are on display at Lacey Computer
9020 Seminole, Blvd., Seminole, Florida 33772
hours: M-F 10 AM -6 PM, Sat 12:00-5 PM

italian girl: click to expand
Paul Cezanne
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Mark Harden's Cezanne Archive
The First Impressionist Exibition, 1874

Paintings by Paul Cezanne (click on images to expand)

Gai Jatra Kathmandu
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Kathmandu Portfolio + 1 Ira Cohen

Van Gogh Self-Prtrait
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